Family Friendly Management

Zero to Seven creates a family-like supportive and warm corporate culture so that employees can balance 'work and family’ in a happy way.

Corporate Culture Creation Program

  • Spending time with the familyFamily days

    A system for leaving work at 4PM on the third Friday of every month, and coming to work at 12:30PM on the fourth Monday of every month

  • Flexible working time systemDifferent commuting times

    Flexible working system for working parents and professional self-developers

  • Regular working time system

    A system for leaving work on time at 6PM, where only employees who have prior approval are allowed to work overtime ※ Time for leaving work is different for the flexible working time system

Childbirth and Childcare Support

  • Guaranteed leave and work hours for childbirth and childcare, such as providing paid maternity leave and reducing working hours during the childcare period

  • Various childcare support systems, such as school expense support for each age group of children, and medical expense support for children with disabilities

  • Giving company products and points as gifts for childbirth and children entering elementary school

Zero to Seven has established various family-friendly management cultures to create an environment where employees can focus on their work and feel satisfied with their working lives.

We have supported the lives of our employees by establishing systems such as Family Days, leaving work on time, and leave and guaranteed working hours for childbirth and childcare, as well as through childbirth gifts, gifts for children entering elementary school, support for school expenses, and more.

This culture has allowed us to be recognized as a family-friendly company by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for 10 years since 2013.